Microsoft floats Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK

Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, build 14393 along with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. The Windows 10 update was launched on July 29, 2015 and according to Forbes, since then, the OS has been installed by over 300 million machines and has gained more popularity than Windows 7. The Anniversary update’s new SDK claims to contain more than 2700 enhancements to the Universal Windows Platform that will allow users to gain from its OS and give access to the latest innovations in Windows 10 which are now available in the Anniversary Update. The improved APIs (Application Programming Interface) paves the way for users to have natural ways of interaction, like vision, writing, and speech into apps and experiences.

Cortana becomes more productive

Windows first introduced Cortana in Windows Phone, then on the PC with Windows 10, and soon will be available on Xbox One. A Cortana Action lets user harness the power of the Cortana experience to provide them with functionality from app or web site (through a deep link) based on either an explicit user request or the user’s context. With the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK the user can go further than simply adding voice controls to apps. Cortana Actions enhances the user engagement by registering actions with Cortana that the AI will use to connect users to apps at the right time. The update also uncovered Windows Ink, a pen that will work on analog input, such as sketching, animation and even signature capture. The user can integrate Windows Ink to apps through the InkCanvas and InkToolbar controls. Also the biometric authentication “Windows Hello” claims to bring vision to apps and with the Windows 10 Anniversary SDK, web developers can use Windows Hello in Edge to authenticate users visually. According to Microsoft, the update is more open and focused for all developers by providing the tools they need to make Windows their home no matter what platform they use for building.

Windows 10 SDK entails:

Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial): The developers using Win32 and .NET to build desktop apps will be able to access the benefits of the Universal Windows Platform and the Windows Store. Using the modern deployment technology of UWP, desktop apps can cleanly install, uninstall and update, as well as get full access to UWP APIs including Live Tiles, roaming storage and push notifications. Bash Shell on Windows: The command-line tool bash Shell can be downloaded at Canonical directly from the Windows Store. User can run native Bash and GNU/Linux command-line tools directly on the new Windows Subsystem for Linux. Improved Tools and Bridges for iOS and Android Developers: Visual Studio now includes Xamarin tools built-in, ready to create apps for Windows and iOS and Android. In addition, its open source Windows Bridge for iOS enables iOS developers to bring Objective-C code into Visual Studio and compile it into a UWP app. Comprehensive security: Claiming itself as the most secure build, Windows 10 delivers comprehensive protection including anti-virus, firewall, Defender and anti-phishing technologies for the supported lifetime of the device. Kevin Gallo, Corporate Vice President of Windows Developer said in a blogpost:
In addition, we will begin the process of accepting apps using the Desktop Bridge. While we build the pipeline into the Windows Store to publish these apps, our team will work directly with developers to get their converted apps and games into the Windows Store. Contact our team here if you are interested in submitting an app using the Desktop Bridge to the Windows Store.

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