MindMeld launches Deep-Domain Conversational AI platform

Conversational AI company, MindMeld, announced a technology platform for Deep-Domain Conversational AI. MindMeld states that the platform makes it possible for companies to create a new generation of voice and chat assistants that can demonstrate deep knowledge and expertise around any custom content domain.
“By leveraging MindMeld’s Deep-Domain Conversational AI platform, we can offer our customers an expert, AI-powered assistant with deep knowledge about Uniqlo’s product catalog, retail locations and more.” said Makoto Hoketsu, Group Senior Vice President and CTO at Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing.
Open source or academic AI toolkits (such as TensorFlow, CNTK, SyntaxNet, CoreNLP, or NLTK) provide advanced algorithms but little data suitable for production-quality applications. With MindMeld’s Deep-Domain Conversational AI platform, companies will have access to state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to power the most advanced voice and chat assistants possible today. These capabilities include the following:
  • broad-vocabulary natural language understanding
  • question answering across any dynamic knowledge graph
  • dialogue management and dialogue state tracking
  • large-scale training data generation and management
  • cloud-based or on-premise production deployment
MindMeld has also released this interactive demo to help companies better understand the capabilities and potential benefits of this groundbreaking yet complex technology. According to the company, Deep-Domain Conversational AI promises to power a new generation of AI assistants which can streamline common daily tasks such as placing a take-out order at a local restaurant, booking a flight or hotel reservation, creating a service appointment at an auto repair shop or doctor’s office, or finding retail store and product information. “Over the next five years, Conversational AI will transform will transform how consumers interact with products and services provided to them across industries,” said Dave Schubmehl, Research Director at IDC.
“The companies that can build the best conversational interfaces will leapfrog ahead of the competition by delivering superior customer service with unprecedented operational efficiency.” he further added
In the recent past, companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have launched new developer APIs for their most popular messaging applications, virtual assistant platforms and voice-enabled devices. As a result, companies that succeed in building useful voice and chat assistants can now reach billions of new users across all of these conversational platforms. “MindMeld’s Deep-Domain Conversational AI makes it possible for our customers to build a single great conversational interface which can then be launched across dozens of different platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Skype, Slack, Google Home and more,” said Tim Tuttle, CEO and Founder of MindMeld.
“Technology like ours enables many companies to offer a single, great conversational experience across every important customer touchpoint.” he added.

Kanchana Arandhara

I am a copy editor who envisions writing as a medium to reach the masses. After working on a variety of domains that also included hard news and start-ups, I now want to explore the ambit of the tech

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