NetSfere upgrades enterprise messaging service, adds chatbot - Net-C

NetSfere, a cloud-based, enterprise messaging service, offering a secure platform for internal communication and collaboration, and giving IT total control over employee messaging across multiple devices has upgraded its product, introducing chat bot, Net-C. According to NetSfere, Net-C is the first automated chat assistant that involves with the users in order to enact human-to-human conversations and utilizes natural language processing. With Net-C, enterprises can engage and have customized communications. Its flexible learning platform can be customized to fulfill customer demands and its “teach” system lets organizations teach Net-C to address questions and issues of the enterprise and the users. As inputs are processed and received, Net-C claims to grow and adapt to meet future needs. Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence says:
“As messaging services continue to grow in usage and popularity, chat bots are what will really take messaging to the next level by providing an engaging and enhanced customer experience. With Net-C we created a powerful tool for NetSfere that will grow and evolve to meet the unique needs of an enterprise to collaborate and communicate in an unprecedented way.”
NetSfere claims that the service is specifically designed to meet the industry related challenges which an enterprise faces. NetSfere’s next-generation approach allows employees to safely communicate business information in real-time via a user-friendly Web interface or mobile messaging app.

Benefits of using NetSfere

Robust Security with an industry standard 256-bit encryption that protects data and maintains the privacy of company communications. Improved control that keeps IT in the driver’s seat when it comes to account access and remote wipe capabilities. Its cloud-based storage delivers centralized data management, automated message management and zero-effort device upgrades. NetSfere also boasts an instant messaging and optional secure SMS text capabilities when users are out of Wi-Fi or cellular data range guarantee seamless message delivery.

The key enhancements include:

  • Messages are transmitted and received up to 15 times faster
  • Reduced data usage in normal operations by 95%
  • Significantly extends battery life
NetSfere states that it provides a device-to-device encryption, secures messages and keeps the documentations from the time they leave the sending device until they arrive on the receiving device(s). To experience channelized services, NetSfere messaging is synced across all devices.
Lal further adds, “We are committed to providing a superior messaging experience on NetSfere, so these updates to our service’s speed and responsiveness are critical in order to remain ahead of the curve. In a highly competitive market like secure enterprise messaging, our continual upgrades to NetSfere are what help us stand out and ensure our users are leveraging the most secure, reliable and efficient messaging service available.”

Abhinav Mohapatra

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