NYP, Unified Inbox launch IoT-secured messaging for healthcare

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Unified Inbox, a cloud-based unified communication and social collaboration platform, today announced their collaboration, including the integration and testing of NYP’s “CUBE” Internet of Things (IoT)-secured messaging gateway for healthcare. The duo believe that secured, resilient, and intelligent connectivity, including multi-platform communications and real-time interaction, are a prerequisite — particularly for mission-critical services — for Singapore’s smart nation initiative.
“CUBE permits only authorized sensors, IoT devices, and oximeters to access a secured ad-hoc network. This network can be within an elderly care facility, a community hospital, or a smart home environment. It transmits health information messages using NYP’s on-site secure IoT messaging gateway to the UnificationEngine in the cloud. These health messages can then only be received by the authorized mobile devices used by the patients’ doctors, nurses, caregivers, families, and next-of-kin,” said Toby Ruckert, Chief Executive Officer, Unified Inbox.

Time taken for installation

NYP explains that the solution provides a friendly easy to configure front-end user-interface to be customized to specific needs with minimum lead time. Also the back-end integration to relevant facilities and resources can be done in a systematic and modular manner with established protocols and procedures. Therefore, it would require just about 5-10 minutes per CUBE installation. Estimation of half a day work for one medical facility of 3 levels.
“The team successfully demonstrated the ability to send real-time messages on elderly care and patients’ health to authorized mobile devices using CUBE and Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging platform. CUBE is comprised of two novel algorithms patented by NYP,” said Kan Siew Leong, NYP’s Principal Investigator.
Unified Inbox CUBE Leong explained that CUBE can be easily adapted and developed beyond healthcare for use cases in mission critical environments, including: hospitals, financial services, public transportation, and the government. “For example, when there’s a transportation breakdown anywhere in the system – on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train, on a bus route, or even in a lift, an internal as well as a public broadcast message can be immediately posted on a Facebook or Twitter account, and the necessary authorities and service personnel can be instantly messaged in a WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging group,” Leong added.

The application software is open to customization

NYC stated that users do not need to know the technical details of the security engines and CUBE developed. They will be provided training on the use of the application software. Customization of application software for specific medical facility can also be explored and developed.
“Industry collaboration with NYP demonstrates the ability of its staff and students to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions suited to the needs of the global market. This project on secure IoT gateway for controlled access and personalized security — based on the specific user’s needs across different types of IoT “things” and mobile devices — is a good start, and we are excited to continue our collaboration with NYP to explore further applications of our UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging,” added Ruckert.
The duo plan to first focus on the Asia Pacific regions, starting from Singapore and its neighbors. Concurrently, they will reach out to other countries globally through relevant events and conferences. They also plan to welcome joint collaboration interest to further develop the solution to suit customized needs, incorporate enhance functionalities as well as for local adaption.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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