Oracle makes enhancements to its HR Cloud portfolio

Oracle HR Help Desk (HRHD) Cloud, and My Volunteering are a couple of additions that Oracle has done to its cloud HR solution — Oracle Human Capital Management. It has also done enhancements to its corporate learning application, Oracle Learning Cloud. “To attract and retain the best talent in today’s fiercely competitive global market, organizations increasingly need to offer the same types of digital experiences that employees have become accustomed to in the consumer world,” said Chris Leone, Senior Vice President, Oracle HCM Development.
“With the latest additions to Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle continues to help organizations drive digital transformation by creating highly effective and modern HR departments. As a result, HCM Cloud gives organizations the ability to drive positive business outcomes through their HR functions.”

A self-service platform

HRHD Cloud is a self-service platform, allowing HR professionals to personalize the employee experience. It provides a 360-degree view of the workforce and also includes advanced search capabilities. In addition, the new solution offers case management and escalation capabilities that help HR professionals resolve issues.

Volunteer for a cause

My Volunteer is a new work-life application that helps meet employees’ philanthropic goals. Employees can identify, which volunteer projects their company supports and enroll in those initiatives. In addition, through applications such as Career Development, HCM Cloud can help organizations suggest which volunteer projects would be a good fit based on their employees’ interests.

Learning goes offline

The Learning Cloud allows employees to learn contextually and socially regardless of their location. The latest enhancements bring support to e-learning standards such as SCORM 1.2/2004. New capabilities also enable learning content to be embedded into the context of business processes. The learning platform also includes an Offline Mobile Learning application that enables employees to consume training content regardless of location or connectivity.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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