Redkix's email-based team collaboration tool enters public beta

Redkix, an email-based team messaging platform has announcing the public beta availability of its product. The new product allows teams of any size to manage their messaging and email through one centralized location. According to the company, despite the number of collaboration tools that have attempted to kill email, getting work done continues to be a lot of work, and email remains the backbone of nearly every professional organization’s communication. The Redkix team believes that for collaboration tools to succeed, they require 100% participation – a near impossible task in a large organization, and especially within teams working with external parties. Additionally, with each new collaboration tool comes a second inbox to manage alongside the traditional email inbox, and as a result, the rise of unnecessary anxiety around communication among today’s workforce. Redkix’s team messaging platform is powered by email, and and allows even out-of-network, non-Redkix users, to participate in a conversation via email. The out-of-network participation has eliminated a key point of friction in adopting and maintaining modern team collaboration tools.
“I have studied the industry for the past two decades and every collaboration company is trying to kill email while trapping users and teams onto their platform. To succeed at making work easier, we believe that allowing anyone to participate, without any friction, is key. We’ve accomplished that by embracing email as part of the solution,” said Oudi Antebi, Co-founder and CEO, Redkix.
“With Redkix, we’ve created the only team messaging platform that supports and works with people outside of your network and organization. It’s centralized, inclusive, and modern team messaging and email,” Antebi added. The product was rolled out in private beta in July 2016, claiming to bag over 500,000 conversations. With the public beta version, teams will be able to sign up and begin using Redkix through iOS, Android (private beta), Windows, and macOS, with web coming soon. The platform will be available in two tiers to start, including Starter and Teams. Pricing for the premium Teams version, which will begin in private beta, starts at $6 per user/per month.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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