Samsung's ARTIK Cloud empowers developers and enterprise customers

In a bid to bolster its efforts towards Internet of Things (IoT), Samsung has introduced the ARTIK Cloud service, an open data exchange platform designed to connect devices and applications. This is its latest addition to a family of ARTIK software and hardware products designed for the Internet of Things. ARTIK Cloud provides easy-to-use, open APIs and tools to securely collect, store, and act on any data from any connected device or cloud service. Using these APIs and tools, companies can quickly bring new IoT solutions and services to market. The idea is to offer companies a service that can be rolled out quickly in order to bring Internet of Things applications to market. Explaining why ARTIK Cloud is an important milestone for Samsung, B.K. Yoon, CEO of Samsung Electronics said:
“As more and more consumer IoT devices are created and brought to market, the need for interoperability becomes paramount as it is the key to creating more compelling and integrated experiences. The need for an open cloud solution that can work with any connected device, and with other cloud services is critical for broader consumer adoption. The launch of ARTIK Cloud is extremely exciting because it promises to not only help Samsung connect our diverse portfolio of products, but also enable other companies to participate in a growing IoT ecosystem.”

Thales extending its security solutions to ARTIK cloud

The SAMSUNG ARTIK internet of things (IoT) platform is supported by Thales’s cryptographic solutions to provide cryptographic key generation, verification, signing and key management. This brings in hardware security technology to ensure the authenticity and validity of device firmware.
Peter Galvin, vice president of strategy, Thales e-Security says, “In the new world of connected everything, trust and security are critical to the interaction of devices, people and things. Securing personal data, preventing unauthorized access or ensuring the integrity of things – be it a smart watch, TV, medical device or personal fitness product requires sophisticated security controls.”
Thales has long been associated with Samsung for delivering cryptographic security at point of manufacture to mobile phones and televisions. Samsung is now banking on it to deliver the critical security infrastructure to score a secure IoT ecosystem.

Device and Data Interoperability

Companies taking to IoT face numerous hurdles like collecting data from a diverse set of devices using a variety of protocols; enabling legacy, new, and third-party devices and cloud services to interact with each other with minimal effort; managing data security and privacy; and so on. The open SAMSUNG ARTIK platform provides all of the essential hardware and software building blocks to allow faster, simpler development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications. This allows developers to focus on their areas of expertise in designing new applications and services rather than having to build entire systems from the ground up, enabling a faster time-to-market. Samsung used a cute personal assistant robot that it calls Otto to demonstrate its IoT platform. It is equipped with microphones and speakers so it can answer questions like “What’s the weather?,” plus it can be used to control various connected gadgets in your home like light switches and refrigerators. Developing a prototype like Otto indicates that the South Korean tech giant hopes to get a sturdy foothold in the blossoming IoT market.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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