SAP introduces new IoT offerings to broaden existing partner ecosystem

Enterprise application software company, SAP, has introduced new offerings for customers and partners on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). With a focus on the ‘things to outcome’ part of the IoT journey, SAP is helping capture the real value of the IoT by connecting ‘things’ to the enterprise to provide better insights and proactive actions giving customers the outcomes they want.

Tanja Rueckert, Executive Vice President, LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP, says:

“SAP is helping customers map their journeys through digital transformation, and the IoT has the potential to drive the largest segment of growth in new business value. We offer the right solution infrastructure and are committed to building the strongest, most comprehensive ecosystem for the IoT in the industry. Our robust platform and line-of-business and industry applications for the IoT enable customers to improve their operational efficiency and transform their business models.”

How will the offerings help?

SAP claims that the data available from smart, connected devices represents an enormous opportunity and places new demands on the capabilities of an enterprise platform. SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that extends the SAP HANA platform and SAP HANA Vora software to address the needs of IoT applications, while providing the flexibility to address different solution and architecture patterns.

These offerings from SAP and supported partner solutions can build and expand upon their existing investments in SAP HANA to cover their growing IoT-driven demands in the area of edge computing, connectivity management, device management, mobile enablement, dashboarding, analytics and predictive computing.

Solutions like the Siemens MindSphere are already operating on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP is supporting OpenStack as the cloud infrastructure and Cloud Foundry as the open source framework for SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

New offerings

  • IoT foundation bundle for SAP HANA which provides a set of critical capabilities for IoT data management. Smart data streaming allows for data filtering, aggregation and correlation at scale. In combination with the IoT intelligent edge processing bundle, remote data synchronization guarantees data consistency between the edge database and the platform database. Dynamic tiring is the tool to manage multi-tier database storage according to the value of the data to lower cost in Big Data scenarios.
  • SAP HANA Vora transforms Big Data analysis with an in-memory computing engine for Hadoop. Also included in the bundle is the IoT SIM management connector for SAP HANA, which allows cellular IoT device connectivity management with a user interface based on the SAP Fiori user experience.
  • The IoT intelligent edge-processing bundle for SAP HANA that delivers a compelling set of technologies that run at the edge of the network to complement the IoT foundation for SAP HANA. These capabilities consist of a ‘streaming lite’ component, the edge database and sync client, and SAP Plant Connectivity software.


Dell and SAP:

Dell and SAP have collaborated on models designed to help address the industry’s biggest operational challenges, such as business continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance costs and return on assets. By combining Dell’s intelligent Edge Gateway 5000 with SAP solutions for the IoT, customers can extend their digital core to the edge to gain cost-effective, real-time insights enabling their digital transformation.

Hitachi and SAP:

With their combined IT and OT expertise, SAP and Hitachi have announced an expanded global collaboration to create and customize industry-specific IoT solutions for a range of applications, particularly around the areas of smart manufacturing, smart city, transportation and logistics. The companies expect these solutions will drive digital transformation and connected intelligence for organizations across the globe, helping customers realize the transformative power of their data.

OSIsoft and SAP:

Under its existing partnership, OSIsoft prepares and delivers analytics- and application-ready industrial operations data for SAP HANA. With IoT SIM management capabilities from SAP, customers can now interface SIM-based connectivity management solutions such as the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform or Cisco Jasper.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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