Sapho unveils Micro App Platform 3.2 with new integrations

Enterprise mobility and micro app platform company, Sapho, has unveiled the latest version of its platform, adding support for Google Analytics, Zendesk, Box, Oracle Sales Cloud and IBM Watson Workspace. The Sapho Micro App Platform 3.2 release claims to enable enterprises to create and deliver secure micro apps that tie into existing business systems and track changes to key business data. The company states that it is the best way to put actionable business insights into the hands of the employees with real time data updates and task completion information. In an official blog, David Eckels, Product Manager, Sapho explains the connectors and integrations that Sapho’s new Micro App Platform 3.2 entails.

Google Analytics

In its previous versions the company had integrated with Google technologies such as Authentication, Groups, Cloud deployment, BigQuery, and Google Calendar. With the 3.2 Sapho has extended its connection to Google Analytics. With Analytics, the micro app company states that employees will be notified and have detailed visibility into daily statistics on sites that matter to them. It will include pre-built graphs that has a viewable range from 7-30 days in areas such as bounce rates, number of hits, 30-day active users, number of sessions, percentage of total sessions that are new, page views and sessions versus bounces.


Sapho claims that it has a built in connector for CRM company Zendesk, complete with micro-apps. This integration will focus on simplifying work for employees and service desk managers with templates. These templates include Requests, which will enable employees of a company (not the service desk itself) to browse their submitted requests and also create new ones. Requests can be reporting incidents, problems, questions, or tasks; and Performance management, which will give service desk managers an overview of team performance. The micro app includes graphs such as new vs. solved tickets per day, average vs. maximum first resolution time, team leaderboard for the number of solved tickets, customer satisfaction scores, and average vs. maximum response time ( all for 7 days and 30 days).


Sapho 3.2 will also have a connector for the file sharing and collaboration app, Box. According to the company once the connection is up, employees can embed files from the Box account to the micro-apps, allowing users to preview files from within the micro app. It works with various file types including documents, pictures, and video. When the connector is added, the micro app platform 3.2 adds a component in the micro app builder that can be used on the micro app pages.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Sapho added Oracle Sales Cloud to its connector family targeting different stages of the sales process as well as all the activities. The integration will allow employees to monitor their sales pipeline or their team’s pipeline. The templates will include leads to allow users to search and see the details of their existing leads, create a new lead, and convert a lead to an opportunity. Opportunities to allow users to search and see the details of their existing opportunities and also search and see the details of all accounts. And activities to help sales people keep on top of things by letting them search and view their current and upcoming tasks and meetings.

IBM Watson Workspace

Pre-announced on the 25th of October 2016 at the World of Watson Event, Sapho will be using IBM Watson Workspace as a new endpoint. With IBM Watson Workspace enterprises will be able to deliver proactive insights and simplified workflows across all of their systems securely into Workspace.

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