SAP's Build to enhance UX for enterprise apps

Multinational software corporation, SAP, has announced the availability of ‘Build’, a cloud-based user research and prototyping tool. According to the company, Build is a key element of the user experience as a service (UXaaS) on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, claiming it to be a cloud-based tool that enables customers to address the challenge of scaling app development while ensuring the right apps with the right experience at the right cost are delivered to end users. Its beta version was available on GitHub as an open-source, cloud-based, and social platform that enables users with no UI development knowledge to create fully interactive prototypes. Without writing a line of code, it stated that users can perform research, design the UI, include realistic data, and share the prototypes with colleagues. Developers could use the code of the prototype as a jumpstart to quickly create apps. SAP states that UXaaS provides an end-to-end solution addressing key considerations at discovery, design, development and deployment of enterprise cloud applications. And, with the introduction of Build, enterprises can now address the challenge of delivering a great user experience across a large number of apps by designing beautiful apps that truly meet end-user needs. The tool claims to help business analysts and develop prototypes, collect user feedbacks and leverage a gallery of ready-to-go templates. It also helps enterprises to address usability and adoption issues at the early phases of app development by needs discovery and app design with prototypes that developers can easily work with. Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer, SAP said, “Today’s digital trends are not just about technology but about uncovering breakthrough innovations to augment human capabilities and improve lives. Build aims to be the definitive resource for enterprise design innovation to help an underserved enterprise IT market learn, adopt and scale design thinking and user experience for the digital transformation.” According to SAP, Build provides business analysts with the ability to:
  • Create interactive prototypes collaboratively, leveraging a rich library of embedded design patterns and controls, and simple drag-and-drop features.
  • Gather continual feedback from end users as well as track usage analytics.
  • Leverage a growing gallery of application prototypes from SAP and the community to modify for their own needs.
  • Learn from a catalog of design content ranging from online learning around the core. Principles of design thinking to practical design best practices that can be used for implementation.
  • Jump-start development with auto-generated starter code, which can be developed into a fully running application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
SAP claims that ATB Financial, Convergent IS and Linklaters are using Build to create applications for the end consumers. AS UXaaS is an integrated offering of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, unlike stand-alone design tools, it offers the advantage of direct access to critical development and service functions of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which helps reduce the risk of a difficult transfer from design to development.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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