Sharelov: New platform to drive social media collaboration

Sharelov claims to be the new content development platform for social media teams and enhances the collaboration process of agencies and marketers to help them produce better campaigns. This cloud service help the content creators to develop, review and publish their content across social media. According to Sharelov, it simplifies the process of creating and publishing content for social media campaigns that are carried on Facebook and Twitter. To get a channelized workflow, Sharelov claims that it has an easy process, users can work together on posts and give feedback to team members. Also it has the facility to add tags to keep the content organized according to themes and also allows the option of drag and drop posts to edit dates with Shaelov’s calendar.

How does it work

The content creators can track their campaign’s progress in the activity log and then share it with the client to get the feedback and approval for the same. Also it has an option to manage all the content from a smartphone where the user can perform all the above activities from phone or a tablet. It also assures that whatever activity takes place it is completely secured and encrypted. Sharelov also gives the liberty to translate the content into other languages by localizing the Help Center in other languages. Sharelov’s Founder Rafael Arteaga said:
We developed Sharelov to provide social media creators a simple, beautiful and secure platform to manage campaigns and clients. Great social media content is a team effort that involves multiple disciplines and collaborators that are often spread on different locations. Sharelov provides the online canvas and tools to facilitate the development process and help everyone be on the same page.
Sharelov was built by digital agency Chat Communications. The agency claims that it has developed the platform with a deep understanding of the needs of social media agencies and clients and is currently being used by brands such as Cointreau, Ferrero, Kia Motors, Nestle and Purina to optimize their social media workflows.

Offerings from Sharelov:

  • Campaign briefing and tags to define the content strategy
  • Easy online editing and photo upload
  • Posts are displayed as they will publish
  • Support and publishing for Gifs and emojis
  • Send post specific feedback to team members for a quick turnaround
  • Drag and drop posts to edit publishing dates
  • Share the campaign with the client for approval
  • Feedback and approvals are logged for record and action

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