The best technology platforms for marketers in India

With rapid growth in smartphone sales and m-commerce revenue in 2016, India has emerged as a major contributor to the mobile economy. However, the question for many mobile marketers is how to successfully enter the Indian market. The questions are not just around how to efficiently build an affiliate network, avoid affiliate fraud, and scale one’s mobile marketing efforts, but are also targeted towards the issue of finding the right tech tools to run a successful marketing campaign. It is time to figure out the best ways of putting together a marketing strategy to suit the environment in India by looking into the following critical aspects below. There are two broad categories of tools that help performance marketers: marketing automation and performance analytics.

Marketing automation to the rescue

Marketing is made up of repetitive tasks including sending out emails, signing up and paying affiliates, and tracking campaign performance. Marketing automation technology makes these tasks easier. Once budgeting and planning, workflow and approvals, collaboration, and anything else that adds clutter to digital marketing has been automated, it’s possible to streamline campaigns and focus on what really matters—improving performance and increasing margins.

What every mobile marketing automation platform should offer

The best mobile marketing automation platforms go beyond optimization for phones and tablets. Instead, they enable performance marketers to automate all the essential components of a comprehensive mobile campaign. Its key features should include the ability to set up, send, and measure: Scheduled campaigns – In scheduled campaigns, messages can be arranged to go out at certain times in advance. This is helpful when marketers are planning announcements for a specific offering or targeting an audience outside of their own time zone. Triggered campaigns – Many mobile marketing automation tools perform actions based on user behavior, such as when a user visits a brand’s website or downloads its app. These triggered campaigns allow marketers to scale their business while improving performance. Multi-channel campaigns – The ability to plan and launch multi-channel campaigns is a must for any mobile marketer. Critical channels should include email, push notifications, and in-app messages. In the mobile space, push notifications and in-app messages are increasingly playing an important role in user acquisition and monetization. They can be crucial in persuading a user to use an app or click on special offers.

What to Look For in a Performance Analytics Dashboard

It’s also important for performance to be tracked to allow marketers to adjust future campaigns accordingly. A mobile analytics dashboard allows networks, advertisers, and media buyers alike to measure, analyze, and optimize their mobile marketing campaigns in real time. Here are some key features to look for when choosing one that’s right for your business: Offer settings A good mobile analytics dashboard not just allows marketers to both create offers but also lets affiliates promote their offers easily. Ideally, marketers should be able to customize their offers for user targeting, affiliate payout terms, offer limitations, and expiration dates.

Conversion tracking

The ideal mobile performance analytics tool provides conversion tracking methods that support affiliate campaigns in a variety of ways. Tracking methods can include pixel-based and no-cookie tracking.

Affiliate management and payment

The simplicity and ease of recruiting and managing one’s affiliates should also be a chief consideration when choosing your tool. Look for features such as providing affiliate access to API approval and referral commission. Integration with PayPal and CCAvenue for easy invoicing is an added benefit.

Fraud prevention

Marketers should also make sure that no affiliates exploit their system and commit fraud. A mobile adtech platform should include an array of fraud-prevention features such as human verification, profile fraud alert, and API integration with third-party fraud management tools

Three technology platforms to help you take advantage of growth in India

With more and more Indians adopting mobile devices, marketers have gained a greater opportunity to reach a broader online audience. They can no longer afford to pick the wrong marketing platform. It’s become imperative for marketers to choose the right platform and there are some great solutions one could pick from, including AppLovin, Tapjoy, and the TUNE Marketing Console. These three platforms help with different aspects of marketing campaigns customized for consumers in India.
  1. Indian users rely on their mobile devices for everything—shopping, gaming, education, and more—so they’ll respond well to ads tailored to their interests. Marketers can create auto-generated ads powered by recommendation algorithms based on real-time data to capture the attention of their Indian audience.
  2. Targeted special offers are key for Indian users; mobile storage limit is a major concern so they’re often only willing to download apps that they find valuable. By targeting and re-targeting audience segments based on app usage, conversion history, and user insights, marketers can earn higher conversion rates.
  3. India leads the world in app downloads for categories like entertainment and m-commerce. Marketers can use attribution analytics and continually optimize app store listings to maximize campaign performance.
With effective mobile marketing automation tools at their disposal, marketers will be able to capitalize on the growing Indian market—and gain the best results from campaigns. Views are of the author and Techseen may not necessarily subscribe to them.

Ashwiny Thapliyal

Ashwiny Thapliyal is Regional Head of Sales India &amp; Southeast Asia at <a href="">TUNE</a>. <!--more-->Ashwiny Thapliyal is Regional Head of Sales India &amp; Southeast Asia at

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