Guide: Zendesk's new solution that uses machine learning to resolve customer queries

Customer service software company, Zendesk, has introduced a smart Knowledge Base solution that captures the collective knowledge of an organization and combines it with machine learning technology to deliver a better customer experience. According to the company, Zendesk Guide will help customer service agents to resolve inquiries with contextual insights and gives customers machine learning powered self-service customer support. Zendesk states that the outcome for both agents and customers will be faster support resolution and outcomes from anywhere. “Customers like the convenience of self-service and automation, but they still want answers tailored to their unique situation,” said Adrian McDermott, President of Products, Zendesk.
“Zendesk Guide meets this need by helping companies deliver knowledge to customers and employees with personalization through machine learning technology and context based on the customer’s journey.”
Through the use of a combination of the Zendesk API, Web Widget, and Mobile SDK as Zendesk Embeddables, Guide allows companies to deliver in-context support to applications and websites that touch base with customers at their location, as well as extends a self-service module. Zendesk Guide has two new capabilities: the Knowledge Capture App and Answer Bot, which according to the company, will deliver faster resolution and better customer service.

Knowledge Capture App

The Knowledge Capture app converts customer interactions into an opportunity for agents to capture and share information that enriches the knowledge base. agents can share their collective knowledge with their customers and peers more effectively, reducing the errors caused by outdated information and improving the quality of the self-service content over time. According to Zendesk, companies can use the Knowledge Capture app to increase efficiency of capturing know-how and improve insights on knowledge usage.

Answer Bot

According to the company, Answer Bot utilizes information from the knowledge base, combined with advanced machine learning technology, to automate responses to customer inquiries for better service outcomes. It uses deep learning technology to improve self-service efficiency by responding to customers’ questions with relevant knowledge base articles before they ever reach an agent. It also provides more informed answers automatically and gets smarter with every answer delivered. The company states that enterprises can use Answer Bot to improve the customer experience and allow agents to focus on complex tasks and customer relationships through automation. Zendesk claims that the Answer Bot will be first available for email and extended to other channels such as Web Form, Web Widget, and Chat over time.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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