Azuqua upgrades its integration platform to streamline IT workflow

Cloud connectivity platform, Azuqua has upgraded its integration platform to streamline IT workflow. The company claims that the new platform adds critical functionality enabling IT teams to connect commercial cloud applications with internal systems and microservices to create custom, complex workflows and integrations. As a result, IT people can easily develop enterprise applications, manage infrastructure and govern software within reach of business. Basically Azuqua allows IT department to connect cloud applications, automate business workflow, and take control of user experience. Azuqua claims that it lets business teams make multiple combinations without writing code, but with this new platform, it will allow IT teams to centrally take control of all applications and teams, easily plug into internal data, and orchestrate solutions that require custom APIs. Azuqua CEO, Nikhil Hasija said:
“IT teams in large enterprises struggle to do it all in an age where every line of business is buying software and then asking IT to make it work. Azuqua now allows IT to govern how the business teams use commercial cloud apps, access critical data, and even leverage homegrown software on their own. Not only does IT become a more efficient, and therefore trusted, owner of software, developers can also build their own apps faster with Azuqua. We’re helping enterprises create more responsive IT infrastructures.”


  • Synchronize Data Across Apps: Azuqua helps account management teams to retain and expand revenue, marketing teams to provide more relevant messaging, and sales teams to better engage opportunities.
  • Automate Critical Workflows: With Azuqua automation, user can eliminate the lag between getting information from one department to the next and improve the quality of that information.
  • List Processing: Take actions for each record in a list. The list might include all stakeholders on a project that need to be notified whenever a task is completed or a list of customers that need to be segmented for a specific email.
  • File Handling: Azuqua can automatically append, migrate, update, and extract files in any SaaS application that can receive it (like a Salesforce documents library or a Jira project) and synchronize files with a file management tool (e.g. Box, Dropbox, Egnyte).
Azuqua’s customers include Aramark, dun and bradsheet, GM, Fujifilm, Gainsight, GE, Starbucks and University of Michigan.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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