Cisco to help boost Dutch economy with digital acceleration

Technology conglomerate, Cisco, has launched a targeted investment program called Digital Acceleration Netherlands (DAN), aimed at boosting the digitization of the Dutch economy. This program is designed to run in parallel to, and help accelerate the “Digital Agenda for the Netherlands” (published by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in July, 2016). The company claims that it will work with the Dutch Government, industry and education through the DAN program to grow Dutch GDP, create new jobs and provide innovation and education across public and private sectors. Cisco claims that the DAN program is part of its worldwide ‘Country Digitization Acceleration’ initiative which is set up to help selected countries around the world to digitize their economies. John Chambers, Executive Chairman Cisco said, “The Netherlands, a historic leader in innovation, is taking the necessary steps to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem that will enable them to continue to lead in the global digital economy.”
“Cisco is proud to support the Dutch government and people in accelerating their Digital Agenda by creating next generation jobs and training, by improving education in a faster and more effective way. We believe with effective utilization of the Digital Acceleration Netherlands program, the Netherlands will see its GDP grow faster than would otherwise be possible.”

The DAN program will focus on:

Connected Transportation: Cisco wants to assist the Netherlands in achieving the country’s ambitious goal of reducing average travel-times in the busiest areas of the country by 10% by using IoT infrastructure. Digital Skills: Cisco will leverage its proven Networking Academy (NetAcad) program to provide training and enhance education for key digital skills. Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation: Through the DAN program Cisco will provide Dutch start-ups with access to Cisco’s European Venture Capital initiative and will also build and expand its existing partnership with the Dutch StartupDelta platform, which helps start-ups accelerate their business and expand internationally. Smart Utilities: Cisco plans to address operational challenges that Dutch utility companies are facing around the modernization of the utility grid and the associated challenges to both physical and cyber security by leveraging the latest IoT solutions. Connected Healthcare: The vision is to show how targeted digital solutions can improve the productivity of healthcare workers, enhance the patient experience and improve the overall quality of healthcare. The goals include providing 80% of chronically ill and 40% of the remaining population with direct access to medical data, and enabling 75% of the chronically ill to independently monitor their health and collaborate 24×7 with a care provider via video. Security: Cisco will offer key capabilities to help address the cyber security challenge, with the required vision, solutions and expertise. The DAN program will allow Cisco to use its capabilities to support initiatives by the Dutch government in this area. Smart Campus: Cisco will identify Dutch educational facilities where smart campus capabilities can be deployed, allowing data collection for analysis and provide a multidisciplinary platform allowing true, cross educational collaboration. It will also boosts the development of technical and entrepreneurial skills in students and the creation of a study environment.

Abhinav Mohapatra

An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’ <!--more-->An author who has a keen interest for the ‘off-beat’, he has covered and explored multiple facets of the marketing, advertising

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