Kloudless launches API for CRMs

California-based Application Programming Interface (API) company Kloudless has launched its universal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) API for developers. It will enable developers to build applications that need additions when it comes to multiple customer relationship management services. The supported integration include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Sales Cloud. Also it is planning to integrate with many other CRM including SAP, ZOHO, Netsuite, Sugar CRM besides others. The company is aiming to provide Universal APIs to channelize key business application verticals. Developers look to integrate CRM services with built-in APIs, but sometimes they vary when it comes to documentation, level of functionality, feature implementation, event tracking, and object data formatting. Sometimes, the APIs change which results in more time consumption in order to maintain the workflow. Kloudless claims that it Kloudless addresses these challenges by providing a unified API for CRM services that not only accelerates time-to-completion of the initial integration project, but also decreases the investment in long-run maintenance. Eliot Sun, CEO and Co-founder of Kloudless said:
“For many companies, an agile integration strategy is an important part their ability to innovate and scale quickly to meet customer demands. These strategies are not limited to file storage services. We have resisted expanding our platform too quickly in order to ensure that we are not only supporting a breadth of services, but also providing deep functionality. We are excited to take our experience in building our Universal File Storage API and supporting all kinds of developer use cases and extend that to offer our customers an easy way to integrate CRM services.”

Capabilities include:

  • Operations on all CRM content: Uniform object data is returned for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, campaigns, and tasks. In addition, all standard and custom objects can be retrieved in the original data format. Perform a series of API requests through a single batch request for all CRM content.
  • Real-time and historical events: This includes vents for actions like create, modify and delete. Also it notifies whenever any new event takes place and organization-wide events are available for user or group modifications, collaboration events, and more.
Kloudless introduced a self-hosted and on-premise version of Kloudless Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering named as Kloudless Enterprise, where, more than 10,000 developers have created applications which can be integrated with multiple file storage services. The service was introduced in June. The Universal CRM API is generally available in the SaaS offering with self-hosted and on-premise Kloudless Enterprise.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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