Salesforce upgrades Lightning CRM; integrates Wave analytics

CRM giant, Salesforce, has announced a new version of its Lightning CRM platform that includes built-in Wave analytics and intelligent emails. It is also introducing versions of its Sales and Service clouds built on Lightning that incorporate its features and user experience. Sales Cloud Lightning integrates SteelBrick CPQ, technology from an ISV partner that the company acquired at the end of last year, with a popular quote-to-cash solution built on the Salesforce platform. In another measure, SalesforceIQ Inbox integrates the CRM with email. That functionality was made possible by technology obtained through the acquisition of RelateIQ in July, 2014. In addition, the company announced a new built-in phone tool which allows sales people to make a call directly from Salesforce. This functionality is built into the application using Twilio’s Voice API. It functions with the aim of keeping customers inside of Salesforce and manage the customer relationship. It provides intelligent integration with email that can drive actions automatically and can create a quote, send out a contract for signature and even make phone calls without leaving the application. Back in September, Salesforce announced that the company is working on a new Salesforce1 app for Windows 10. The company has now released the app in the Windows Store, which offers the ability to use Continuum on new devices like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft’s Steven Guggenheimer stated, “The Salesforce1 Mobile App sets a new level of speed and flexibility for CRM, by empowering users to run their businesses from their phones with powerful tools that work in the cloud, keeping them up-to-date with whatever real-time data they need.
“Once connected to Continuum, the Salesforce1 Mobile App transforms into the Salesforce Lightning desktop experience, empowering users to manage opportunities. And with customization features, you can make your Salesforce work the way you want it to.”
Integration of Wave analytics aids by offering users quick visual dashboards, charts and graphs to see how well they are doing, what they can do better, where are the best opportunities and all of the metrics a sales team needs. Newly-promoted Salesforce COO, Keith Block, said, “Companies can step forward into this age of the customer and unshackle themselves from legacy technologies.” While Salesforce wants to implement a “breakthrough on the platform,” Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce, wants to ensure that the company doesn’t break the “customers’ existing apps” already running on the platform.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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