Sapho unveils new enhancements for its micro app platform

Micro apps solutions company, Sapho, has announced the latest version (3.6) of its micro app platform that sports updated connectors with integrations for Facebook Workplace, CircleCI and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as Ping Identity, Azure Active Directory and IBM Domino. In addition the company also made some enhancements to the Sapho Builder offering. The company is aiming to immediately deploy and start adding value to our clients on day one, and believes that seamless integration with their existing identity provider is key.

Ping Identity

The company has now integrated its platform with Ping, a provider of Identity Defined Security that aims at protecting the most critical assets of enterprises. With this, companies can take advantage of the SSO (Single Sign-On) provided by their PingFederate servers to log in to Sapho and also to control access to their micro apps. Sapho has also added Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud-based identity management system. As with Ping, the company explains that clients can utilize their existing Azure Active Directory deployment with Sapho for SSO and for limiting access to specific micro apps.

New and improved connectors

Sapho Last month, Sapho announced a new integration with the IBM Domino social business platform to simplify developer’s access to information and workflows used by employees. With this move, the company can natively call Domino NSF databases and Agents, and employees can even use Domino identities to login. Also, its Salesforce integration will now come with built-in support of write-back actions for converting leads and approving contracts from directly within the micro apps. The company also added support for custom fields for both its Salesforce and JIRA connectors.

Sapho Builder enhancements

The company has upgraded its header editor, which now allows developers to choose from a number of different objects for the left, center and right side of the header, giving them more flexibility in their header designs. This also enables them to more closely mimic their corporate brands. Choices for each section include page or app name, icons, free text, buttons, menus, and even session variables like the logged in user’s name. Sapho Sapho has revealed that the team is now working hard on the 3.6 version which it claims will be out with a whole new set of product improvements.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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