Vlocity Communications launches cloud-based BSS for telcos

Vlocity, a global cloud software company, has announced the general availability of its 12th product release, Vlocity Communications Cloud Summer ’16, which the company claims to be available on the Salesforce AppExchange. With this move, the company aims to fundamentally transform how communication companies engage with their customers by building business support system (BSS) applications in the cloud, on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. “We designed Vlocity Communications to empower communication providers with a digital, agile and cloud-based approach to winning, selling and serving customers,” said Dan Ford, VP and General Manager, Vlocity Communications and Media.
We’re delighted by the results we’re seeing: our customers are going live faster, reporting higher Net Promoter Scores, reducing operating costs and seeing increased revenue from improved upselling and cross-selling.
According to Vlocity, its partnership with Salesforce has enabled organizations to launch new offers in hours, capture and fulfill orders, and engage B2B and B2C customers through their channel and device of choice. The company has recently joined hands with Cellcom, an Israeli mobile provider, for a cloud-based CRM and BSS solution, hence facilitating its B2B and B2C customer transformation. “Delivering a superior customer experience is one of the drivers for maintaining high subscriber growth,” said Ron Shvili, Chief Technology Officer, Cellcom.
We believe the Vlocity solution in combination with Salesforce Service Cloud will help Cellcom Israel build even stronger customer relationships, assist in providing quick and efficient resolutions to service requests, and facilitate the service provided by contact center agents.

Vlocity Communications Cloud Summer ’16 cloud-based BSS

Vlocity Communications states to leverage the omni-channel capabilities of Salesforce’s Service Cloud to provide a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Product Catalog, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Management, Order Management, and Guided Sales and Service applications that support telco business operations. The company claims that its new product is engineered specifically for communications service providers in conformance with TM Forum industry standards, and integrates flexibly with third-party systems through pre-built APIs and web services. “Vlocity Communications Cloud and Salesforce are key enablers of our digital business transformation,” said Umberto Angelucci, Chief Technology Officer, Sky Italia.
Our successful deployment of Vlocity and Salesforce to thousands of sales and service agents has helped us significantly improve the omni-channel customer experience while driving greater business agility and operational efficiency.
The cloud software provider further explains that unlike providers of traditional on-premise BSS applications which provide only annual product enhancements and then charge their customers to deploy them, Vlocity delivers new innovations three or more times a year and makes them available to customers at no additional charge.  

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