WISeKey, Microsoft CityNext to secure IoT in Smart Cities

Swiss-based cyber-security company, WISeKey, which claims to help businesses, government and individuals to carry out secured electronic transactions has joined hands with Microsoft’s partner led initiative CityNext for a global participation program that empowers cities, businesses and citizens, to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities. According to WISeKey, the partnership will encourage and assist leaders to combine technology and innovative ideas to securely connect governments, businesses and citizens. The initiative aims to connect city services to enhance efficiency, lessen costs and foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate communities.

What is CityNext initiative?

Microsoft CityNext is an initiative than claims to capitalize on the growing smart city opportunity by helping people sell their cross-industry solutions to local and regional governments. It helps create new opportunities and accelerate business value by developing solutions that enable Cities to meet ever-evolving citizen needs while running their City efficiently. Cities can tap into the solution portfolios of Microsoft and its partners and innovate at their own pace, deploying real-time solutions that can interoperate with and improve upon existing IT investments. Microsoft states that the solutions can help transform the city’s operations and infrastructures, engage citizens and businesses and accelerate its economic development and environmental sustainability.

WiseKey’s approach

WiseKey states that it will deliver identity management and cybersecurity solutions for IoT devices, offering smart cities a scalable and secured solution while connecting to Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft-based platforms. Moreover, its Trust model, Root of trust (RoT) for IoT, will act as a trust anchor, recognized by operating systems (OS) and applications ensuring authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of online transactions. Its Cryptographic Root of Trust will secure the interactions among objects and other entities. Carlos Moreira, WISeKey’s CEO, said:
Government employees and City infrastructure from traffic lights and smart parking solutions, to power grids and smart utility meters, are vulnerable to cyberattacks. We view Microsoft’s CityNext initiative as an innovative force that will help to transform government infrastructure and we are pleased to have already collaborated with Microsoft on government and city cybersecurity projects in various countries around the globe.
Microsoft also claims that its education and social programs will help CityNext to aid cities to predict and plan for rapid urban development and challenges, enabling them to meet citizens’ needs, thrive economically and hold modernity. Per Bendix Olsen, Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector, stated:
While cities are feeling the strain from economic challenges, Microsoft CityNext ushers in innovative technology solutions to create opportunities for cities and their citizens, enabling them to accomplish what they never thought possible. We’re inspired by our diverse partner ecosystem and know that working together we can help cities realize their full potential.

Abhinav Mohapatra

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